Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here are some poems/song lyrics I wrote a few years ago. I'm planning to put these, along with others, in a book called Beyond the Snakevine. Hope you enjoy something you see!

Guardian Angel

I'm racing the moon to the edge of the jewel-dappled sky
The hum of the tires on this leaf-laden highway
threatens to sing me to sleep and awaken my dreams
It's the bottom of the night that leads to the sunrise
But I may never make it over the horizon

I let off the gas and crush in the clutch
with a touch of my fingers, the hum will pick up
The brown leaves corkscrew behind me
fluid and beautiful in their moment of fame
a glorious slipstream of blood-red confetti and blame

And I could sure use my guardian angel
He's been vacationing in Boca Raton
watching bikini-clad co-eds drink Coors from a funnel
and drying his wings in the Florida sun

I know I've turned out to be one hell of a sinner
the kind that leaves well-groomed mothers and ministers
disapprovingly scowling and clicking their tongues
From my hair to my clothes to the ink on my arms
I'm about as welcome as most violent storms

And I could sure use my guardian angel
He's been salsa-dancing in Boca Raton
swinging his hips to the music of Latin lovers
and bleaching his wings in the Florida sun

I spin onto the dusty shoulder, a second from losing control
I pile onto the pavement, dragging my seat belt and soul
The shuddering halt leaves me laughing and gasping with fear
I bow to my knees midst the gravel, bottles, and leaves
and pray for forgiveness from someone I haven't yet seen

And I could sure use my guardian angel
He's been relaxing in Boca Raton
walking barefoot through the heat of the sand
and testing his wings in the Florida sun

I could sure use my guardian angel
He needs to leave behind Boca Raton
His ward is careening forever into the night
far from the warmth of the Florida sun

Signal of Doom

I'm the answer to your prayers
I'm your signal of doom
I'm the wish that you make
as the coin spirals into the gloom

I'm the luck you couldn't have
and the love you couldn't hold
I'm the anger you kept shackled
and the soul that you sold

I'm the scream in the night
that frightens you so
I'm the blessed release
when you lose your control

Say that you want me
Admit that you're thrilled
to be handcuffed to someone
so disturbingly skilled

I'm your vampire, your angel
your hangman, your groom
I wish these were lies
but all I have is the truth

I'm your oldest desire
and your saddest excuse
I'm the reason you hunger
for far more than you choose

I'm the greed in the mirror
the disease at the door
I'm that careworn fugitive
you left out in the storm

Your moans are my music
Your sighs are my muse
You'll keep coming for more
'til you've nothing to lose

Say that you want me
Admit that you're thrilled
to be handcuffed to someone
so disturbingly skilled

Cabinet of Sins

What do you keep in your cabinet of sins?
In mine, there's a picture of you
Is it polished and clean
or left dusty and dull
Is it dark or lighted within?
There's nothing like a passionate fool.

Are the shelves piled high with tangles of thoughts
or are memories stacked neatly in rows?
Do you dust them off weekly to make sure that they shine
or do they linger forever in shadows?

Do you leave the doors cracked or standing full ajar
or are they held tightly shut under your key?
Is is displayed proudly for the whole world to view
or is it shared only with me?

What do you keep in your cabinet of sins?
In mine, are my memories of you
It's constantly filling with new polished gems
Knick-knacks and freshly made jewels
Treasures sought, again and again
There's nothing like a passionate fool.

The shelves have buckled under the weight
of so many ignorant years
But they've started to fade into the past
and many have just disappeared.

(Material copyrights belong exclusively to Naomi Puck 2014)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Joy of Motorcycle Shopping

Christmas is coming early for me this year! Next week, assuming everything goes well, I will be purchasing my first motorcycle! I have wanted a bike since I was 15, but had come to the conclusion it was never going to happen. My husband, who has had motorcycles his entire life (37 to date!), convinced me it was time I did something for myself. So, that's what I'm doing, and I couldn't be more excited!

I've looked at a lot of bikes over the years, and thankfully, my tastes have greatly improved. When I first became interested, the only people I knew that rode, had Harleys, so that's what I thought I wanted. Thank the gods I came to my senses! I know there are plenty of Harley fans out there, but my thoughts on that are, everyone has their faults....

Honestly, I think Harleys, by and large, are just plain ugly. Not to mention ridiculously overpriced and way too expensive to maintain. If they make you happy, fine. But they are NOT for me.

I have found that the bikes that always grab my eyes and get my heart going are of the retro European style. Hence the one I have decided to be my first: the Suzuki Tu250x. It's small, light-weight, has a fantastic engine, gets wonderful gas mileage, is designed for back road cruising, and is neither made to or wants to be ridden at 150 mph. Oh yeah, and it's sexy as hell!

My husband knows more about motorcycles than anyone I've ever met. He's ridden for years, knows every little detail of a number of different engines, can rebuild anything. He researched the Tu250x for me and came to the conclusion that it is the absolute perfect bike for me.

Yesterday, we went back to the motorcycle shop I've been haunting for the last 6 months to see if they had one in. They didn't. Yes, it was depressing. And it got worse. They can't even get them from Suzuki anymore, as they're evidently not making any more right now. But the helpful lady took my name and number and said she'd call me if they got any in. I was going to walk away feeling rather dejected, but she raised my spirits by telling me about a great financing deal they were going to be doing with a local bank. It will save me loads!

10 minutes after we left, it got even better! She called me and said they have a 2013 Tu250x at their other store! Yes!! So, keeping my fingers crossed that no one buys it before Tuesday! If it is gone, I won't give up. It's what I want, and by god, I'm going to get one!

The day got better from there. We decided to ride down to the other Suzuki dealership in town just to have a look around and see if maybe, just maybe, they'd have my bike in. They didn't. However, what they did have was a fantastic sale on their leather motorcycle jackets. They had one left. It was a women's medium. Fits me perfectly! Full, removable, quilted liner. Kidney protection. Beautiful cut. Comfortable. Thick leather. Simply perfect! Down to $100. Onion told me I'd be a fool to pass it up, so I didn't.

Now, I'm all kitted out and ready to go. All I need is.....a bike. Details, details.....

I'll post pictures as soon as I get it.

Onion is currently building a bike. The Rat. It started out life as a Suzuki Intruder, but has become something much sexier and a lot more fun. I'll probably get him to post about it. I HOPE we still have the original pictures around somewhere, so we can show the transformation.

Time to go send some positive thoughts out to the universe, hoping my bike (that's right, MY bike!) is still sitting there waiting for me come Tuesday afternoon!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Important Things in Life...

For our first post, I think it's important we get our priorities right, which is why I shall talk about our religion, the one thing in our lives that we are both extraordinarily passionate about, the thing that brings us together daily in debate and discussion. It's the one thing that can bring tears of joy to our eyes and pride to our hearts. We might have to give up friends, family, jobs, even our home, if necessary. But we will never, ever give up that most important of all things: Liverpool Football Club!

And for those of you thinking that's excessive or ridiculous, no it's not. I believe I can say with complete confidence that every Reds fan out there knows exactly what I mean. LFC is not just a club. It's not just 11 guys running around a football pitch once or twice a week kicking around a ball. It's not JUST A GAME. Perhaps for other clubs it is. Perhaps for other sports it is. But not here.

The city of Liverpool has such a rich history that has included heartbreak, betrayal, pride, hard work, accomplishment, injustice, and  unwavering belief and persistence in the face of adversity that it's created a people with an unmatched sense of humor and quick-wittedness and a sense of such fierce loyalty that to be a part of this unique, enormous, world-wide family it to be part of something you cannot find anywhere else and you cannot ever leave behind.

LFC represents so much to so many people. To the people of the city and surrounding areas, it was and continues to be, something they could support, love, and take pride in when they had nothing or very little else. And that love and pride has created a family of supporters like no other.

As the great Bill Shankly said: "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you, it is much, more more important than that."

And if you don't know who Bill Shankly is, look him up!

Ok, now that all the serious stuff is out of the way, I am so excited about this season! We are at the top of the league, and well, Man. Utd. is drifting about somewhere around...oh, 7th. Heeheehee

Now, if we can just keep up the good work. Well, the good work we've been doing in the first half anyway. We have this bad habit of putting lots of pressure in the first half and really going for goals. Then in the second half, just sitting back and focusing on defense. I really hope Rodgers changes that attitude. Otherwise, we're going to start losing games. We have more quality players and more actual choices on the bench than we've had in a long, long time. Sturridge is a fantastic player, Coutinho is brilliant at finding space and picking out players, Henderson is working incredibly hard this season, Mignolet is a great keeper (although I wish they'd quit passing back to him, as they know he isn't good at clearing the ball from under his feet when he's under that kind of pressure). And Suarez (affectionately known as The Cannibal!) is finally coming back. If we stop messing around in defense and making stupid passing decisions in our own box, we can actually keep winning and finish at the top.

We'll have to see what happens. However the season pans out, we'll watch every moment of every game and support our club every moment of the way!

You'll Never Walk Alone!